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Taking Bearings on a Heavenly Body

By the late Captain Lance Chambeau Sr.

ship1new-297x300My fairest greeting to you this fine day. May the wind be continually over your stern quarter for a long enjoyable passage, which will eventuate at your heart’s desire.

I would like to introduce to you a short study in Celestial Navigation. Its method has been declared from the beginning of time.

The Author has always been and forever will be that (” Bright and Morning Star” Rev. 22:16), that (” guides and directs the hearts and minds of men and women” Prov. 3:6). (” For He setteth the stars in place and names them” Ps. 147:4), and He alone determines our eternal destination, which of course, is the most extended passage we will ever make.

(1 Jn. 5:11-13, Jn. 17:3, ROM. 6:23)
As you already know, the sea of life is full of treacherous obstacles. Many vessels have met their end on hidden rocks and reefs. Rogue waves seek to overcome us, gale ridden and tempest tossed have been our lot many a time. Our dead reckoning has been ruined and our estimated position has been off course.

ship2new-287x300Things are not always as they appear. (” There is a way that seemth right to a man, but the way Thereof, leadeth to destruction” Prov. 14:12). Remember my shipments, all vessels do not reach the Haven of Rest, in fact; (” few there be that find it” Matt. 7:14).

Now at the time one of these situations is about to overtake us, you might wonder why? How can this be? You’ve studied your charts, calculated your moves, did the best you know how, only to find out that you’re far off course!

Could it be you’ve studied Chapman’s and Dutton’s but have overlooked God’s Word! (‘which is able to make thee wise unto salvation” 2Tim. 3:15) The first reaction of any wise mariner is; try to establish your position! Then second; what has caused the error? The Master’s handbook on Celestial Navigation tells us. (” All we like sheep have gone astray, each one to his own way” Isa. 53:6), Also, that (” God made Himself known to all mankind by His creation” Rom. 1:20), (” from the beginning of the world.” 1 In. 2:13) (” It being clearly seen, and in our conscience bearing witness.” Rom. 2:15)

ship4new(” We did not acknowledge or glorify God.” Rom. 1:21) (” We did not want to retain the thought of Him in our minds. Rom. 1:28) (” We began to profess ourselves to be wise, but became fools.” Rom. 1:22) (” We began to worship the handmade images and statues of corruptible man, birds, beasts, and creeping things.” Rom. 1:23)

To sum it up, the scripture says, (” As it is written, there is none righteous, no not one. There is non that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.” Rom. 3:10-12) This, my shipmates, is our first bearing; Position Lost. The second is: Self Inflicted Error. Yes, we alone are responsible for this position. Now let us study on, for we need (“LIGHT” Jn.8:12) on the subject. At this point, I would like to suggest you pray along with me this prayer. “Our God and Heavenly Father, I need to know the truth in this matter, please by Your power and Spirit illuminate our minds and understanding, so that our course might be correct. By Your Light, we may find our way and be pleasing in Your sight. In the name of your Bright and Morning Star, we come to You in prayer. AMEN.

Now, how can we change course, maintain a True course before we experience shipwreck and doom? Again I must refer you to the Master’s handbook, ” The Bible”. It clearly states that (” For whosoever calls Upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” Acts 2:21) The Name is Jesus, Savior, Master, King, and Lord over All. And He says, (” Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Matt. 11:28) Also the Lord says to His people, (” Come now let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be as crimson, they shall be as wool. Isa. 1:18)

ship4anewShipmates, don’t wait till the decks are Awash, (” now is the accepted time” II Cor. 6:2, now is the hour of salvation.”) Don’t just lay a-hull or hove-to, make your move, (“yea or nay!” James 5:12 LIGHT or DARKNESS? In. 3: 19) You will choose one or the other! I pray by God’s grace and mercy, by means of His Word and Spirit, He may enable you to make the right decision. Maybe you’ve been cast adrift, forsaken perhaps a serious illness presses you or a loved one! Your mind is being tossed to and fro, you’re not seasick but it’s sure getting hard to stomach this whole sea of life. If the Lord’s been speaking to your heart, tell Him your rigging is coming down, you can’t handle it anymore. (” He can be your mainstay! Ps.18:18 Isa. 48:2)Will you trust Him now?

The Lord says, (” I know My sheep and they know Me,” In. 10:14, ” when I call they come” Jn. 10:3) does He call you now? He says (” I’ve come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” Jn. 10:10) (” He gave His life a ransom for many” Matt. 20:28)(“He Bore the sins of every believer” Mark 10:45)

Our problem is the sin that lies within, it’s likened to internal ballast which has broken loose in a vessel during a severe storm, sure destruction from within. (” Only the Redeemer’s blood can cleanse the Flood”. 1 Jn. 1:7) Make your bearing on that (” Bright and Morning Star!” Rev. 22:16) He is that Heavenly body spoken of in God’s Book on Celestial Navigation. In Him alone can you make that eternal passage to His Haven of Rest.

Secure a copy of God’s Word for your Navigational Aid, don’t leave port without it!!


A Response from One Navigator to Another

January 17, 1985

My dear Captain Christian,

Thank you for sending me that card. As I said on the phone, our paths sure do cross in strange ways. I wonder if we will be berthed together after we depart this wonderful existence on earth?

Also many thanks for sending me that lovely brochure on navigating the rocky coast of life, very helpful. I have one question however regarding this literary work and it pertains to the part that says “Remember my shipmaster, all vessels do not reach the Haven of Rest.” My question is what is the final port of call for the vessels that fail to reach that “Haven of Rest”?

An early response would be appreciated. (I shudder to think of it!)


A Final Reply

February 1, 1985

Dearest D.T.,

The time has come for me to write in answer to your most important question. “What is the port-o-call of the vessels that do not reach the haven of rest?” You without a doubt know the name of that place already and probably for quite some time now have looked down on people who really do believe in such a place, the name of that place has been used regularly as a household word, and over the years has become less and less meaningful.

However I chose not to use this common word, which has lost its meaning, but rather chose to describe it! And, as I have said to you in the past, all spiritual questions should be answered by God’s Word the Bible, and not men’s philosophies.

The Bible describes that port-o-call as such: “A place where God is not.”

Now that might seem to be a relief to some people, who are poorly informed, because the Scripture says man does not like to retain the thought of God in their mind, because His character is truth, purity, justice, and altogether excellent, and when we see ourselves in comparison, we feel lower than a snake’s belt buckle. So the poor uninformed soul figures that if God is not there – I will be comfortable there.

What that poor soul doesn’t know is, because God is not there, there is no restraining power over all who reside there. The Bible teaches that every person who has ever been born has the potential to execute every wrong that is imagined to our minds. And because that nice little old school teacher who has lived 80+ years, and has not hurt a person in any way, it’s because of the suppressing and restraining power of our God. Nothing to do with that person’s intellect, savvy, education etc.

And others, as we see on TV news, and on front pages, these He has let go to a portion of that which they want. This place where God is not, is a place where emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, frustrations… run without relief. Cursing, howling and wailing are forever present. Rest and peace, even for one moment, is non-existent. There even seems to be a worm of death which does continually gnaw at ulcerous flesh, there is no limit to the misery, an higher levels of emotion are being reached. Oh! That an end would come! But, there is no end!

This truly is the meaning of Death, also described as an existence where “God is not.” This my dear friend, is a very brief description, as you can see – space on paper permitting no more. Now I praise God for changing my direction from Death to Life. Now fare ye well shipmate. May God by His grace set our berths together.

In Him, I am,

Capt. Lance Chambeau


On March 5, 1988 Captain Lance Chambeau Sr. departed while berthed, for the “Haven of Rest” at the age of 45. Keep in mind that one day we will all leave this earth to stand before our Creator.I hope you are ready.


Captain Lance Chambeau Jr.

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